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Lid, Can and Libel: Cole Coonce on the Nathan Bedford Forrest-Mississippi license plate controversy

February 22, 2011

Cole Coonce has a new monthly column at, entitled Lid, Can and Libel. His debut essay takes on the controversy about the Sons of the Confederacy and their proposal for the State of Mississippi to issue license plates commemorating the infamous Civil War General, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Because of the ridiculous amounts of research necessary to produce The Devil’s Own Day, Coonce’s recent book on Third Reich Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s alleged retracing of Forrest’s footsteps, Coonce’s musing on Forrest’s signifigance in modern Mississippi seemed inevitable.

The issue is remarkably contentious, and just like in the times of secession, on and the stories comments section, the battle lines have been drawn.

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  1. May 2, 2011 6:04 pm

    Hey Eagle rock Kerouac!

    Hate to recycle your band photo – it’s a cool pix –
    do you have a biz address? – lost your home address

    Thanks for the mind stimulation lovin your word scrabble.

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