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Punk Noir Drops on Amazon

June 27, 2013


Tar Hole Dimedrop is proud to announce its unveiling of Cole Coonce‘s The Ketamine Sun, Part 1, available now on Amazon.

The initial “punk noir” release from the new Tar Hole Dimedrop imprint, The Ketamine Sun, Part 1: Cremora Creamer, The Betamax Malaprop and A Newtonian Bang is the opening installment chronicling the saga of Blackie Carbon, an aging LA punk rocker and now-indentured studio detective. After his music career has imploded, Carbon begins working for the wealthy Toshiro Kamiokande. Toshiro is crippled by his role in a failing Japanese electronics corporation and movie studio, and is being squeezed by an Internet pornographer. He wants Carbon to calm down the situation and eliminate the distraction. But with Cremora Creamer and Chandra Nameesh — Kamiokande’s two wild, untamable daughters — prowling and probing LA’s nether regions, Carbon has grabbed a couple of tawdry and toothsome tigers by the tail — and that’s before the shooting starts.


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